SEM (search engine marketing)

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SEM (search engine marketing)

Search Engine Marketing (SM) is a type of internet marketing that promotes websites by optimizing through search engine results pages (SERP) and increasing their visibility by advertising. To achieve a high ranking in the SM search engine results pages, the content of the website can be adjusted also or rewritten, using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or by clicking on the drink listing.


In the year 2012, North American advertisers spent $ 19.55 billion on search engine marketing. The largest search engine marketing (SEM) vendors included Google AdWords, Bing Aids, and Badu. As of 2006, the SEM was growing faster than traditional advertising and online marketing channels.

In the 1990s, the number of sites on the Web increased and search engines started appearing to help people find information quickly.

The search engine developed business models for the financing of their services, such as the open text in 1996, and then by clicking on drinks program by in 1998. To cover the spectrum of activities involved in the SEO demonstration. Together with this, the payment of paid listings in search engines, submission of sites to the directory and businesses. To develop online marketing strategies Organizations Work has also been done

Methods and Metrics

Generally, There are four types of categories and metrics that can optimize the website through search engine marketing.
1. Normally These are the ‘measures’ of keyword research and analysis. Site by way of a site in order to ensure that the site is indexed in search engines.¬† And to generate more traffic by finding the most relevant. Also, popular keywords for your products.

On-site search engine optimization is also very important for all websites
2. How much is the presence of website saturation and popularity or on a website search engine? Moreover backlinks can be analyzed through the number of pages (saturation) of the indexed site? And the site (popularity) of an index search engine?.

3. Providing data on websites and on your visitors, including back-end devices, web analytical tools, and HTML validators, the success of a website is measured. Alteration-related information can be provided from these devices.
4.Heus tool lets the owners of various websites know and provide important information related to copyright and trademark issues.

Payment inclusion
Finally, Search engine companies charge fees to include results pages on their website. A tool for search engine optimization is a search engine marketing method by itself.


AdWords has been also recognized as a web-based advertising tool. It can clearly deliver releases to web users in search of information regarding a certain product or service. With the help of AdWords publicity. In just nine months, up to 250% of consumer websites can contribute to great success in the development of web traffic.

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