Pay per click (ppc)

 Pay per click (ppc)

we are going to tell people about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising kya hota hai. In today’s era the internet is the cheap and easy way to reach all the people.
Through this, you can easily reach your point of view to someone. pay per click or PPC is a way of digital marketing. Which is used to bring traffic to your blog or website.
Most visitors come from a blog or website by a visitor search engine. That’s why all the blogger or website owner wants that their website ranking is better in the search engine.
Because the better search engine ranking gives more visitors to the ranking blog.
Search Engine Optimization is a Free Organic Result but Pay Per Click or PPC is a Paid Advertisement.
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What is Pay Per click 

The full name of PPC is pay per click. As the name suggests, pay per click means pay per click.
This is an internet marketing model in which the advertising industry gives some funds for every click on the ad.
This is a method you can use to buy some widgets for your blog, and you pay the advertising company in return for that visit.
When you use google, you will see that as soon as you are searching something, some links in the search result will be written by AD.
This is a display-based payment model, if your ad is not clicked, you do not need to make any payment.
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Pricing of Pay Per Click (PPC)

Determining the value of each click on PPC depends on which country the advertiser expects to get from the country and what type of visitor it can get.
Factors affecting the cost of PPC advertising.

1- visitor location

If you advertise your blog through your blog’s pay per click, its value depends on the fact that you want to get a visitor by saying. If you want visitors from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, you will have to spend less money per click.
But if you want to visit the Western countries of America, UK, through the visitor pay per click, you can read more to spend more money.

2- Keyword

The second factor for determining the value of pay per click is keyword. You want to show your blog when searching on which keyword. This thing also depends on the value of your PPC advertisement.
Just like if you want to advertise your blog with the term insurance, loan, software etc. you can read more to spend more money.
It means that if you advertise your blog with high cpc keyword you will have to spend more money.

History of Pay Per Click

In 1998, a new company started pay per click in 1998. Idea of PPC advertising model was’s founder Bill Grace and the idealab company.
Google started pay per click in 1999, and introduced adwords in oct 2000, which is today a leading advertising company with pay per click.
Although ppc could only be introduced in 2002, payments were made for advertising per thousand dollars according to that time.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

If you want to do SEO without search engine optimization, your blog post will be able to help you when search engines rank with a keyword.

It is much cheaper than other marketing texts, and you can show ads on your website with very little money on high-traffic websites, and you will pay the traffic from that traffic to your blog.

There are occasional changes in Google Algorithm from time to time that the ranking of websites increases or decreases, but pay per click does not have any effect on PPC.

You can target your audience with pay per click, and you can sell them to your products and services, you can also target a particular location with PPC, which means that you can use keywords, Location, You can advertise your blog by Website, Device, Time and Date Target.

You can also promote your blog or website or your business in a lower budget by paying per click.
If you have just started a company soon, you can advertise it for less money.  And if your company has started an offer, you can make your offer less accessible to the people.

Google adwords, yahoo search marketing and microsoft adcenter are the three largest network operators and work under these three bid based models. Cost per click (CPC), search engine, and competition for a keyword varies depending on the level of competition.

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Now you guys may have known what is pay per click? And how can you increase traffic to your blog? This is a paid advertisement, so you have to spend some money too. But if you are doing your blog like a hobby, then okay. But if you want to do it like a serious business, you should try it once.
You can not take much advantage without spreading the propaganda of any business. And blog is such a business that the more you propagate it will give you the same benefit.

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