No follow backlinks and Do follow backlinks


No follow backlinks and Do follow backlinks

We will tell you about backlinks whether the Nofollow backlinks or Dofollow backlinks is hot What’s the difference?

If you have started blogging, then it is very important to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because without visiting SEO, you will not be able to reach your blog.

You will write great articles from the best and post it on the internet through your blog. But when someone comes to your blog, he will read it. Who is as important as writing a good article, just as it is necessary for SEO. Through which you can access your blog.
To better understand the Nofollow Link or Dofollow Link, you have to first understand my SEO, Article, if you read it, then this article will come out well in your understanding.

Nofollow Link Or Dofollow Link 

What is the topic of your blog, and what topic are you writing articles, it is also a very big factor, if you are writing an article on a Technology Blog, do not link to any cooking website on it as it is a search engine spamming. Can penalize your blog.

Nofollow Link Backlinks

No Follow Link is written in such a way that it can not be executed by a person only by the finger of any search engine. This is a type of backlink.
When you apply your article to index in search engine, any number of Nofollow links in your article, search engine bots ignores it at indexing. Using it, you can hide the bad link to your article from the search engine.

For example <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’> tech GURU ka Gyan </a>
Now a person with this hyperlink will follow it but no bots will be able to follow it.
Dofollow link – This type of link is on the website. Dofollow link also indexed when a website is indexed in the search engine. And when a visitor searches the first website, the search result also shows the website of the do follow link.

An SEO Fact is also that Dofollow Link should not always be used in your article. Many do not believe the search engines, and this reduces the ranking of the website. But there is also a fact that the Nofollow Link should not be used everywhere in the article because this also decreases the ranking.
Let’s say we should use Nofollow Link on that said.


1- Link to a different theme based blog on your blog, if you give it, then give it with the Nofollow link. If not doing this, your blog’s ranking will fall.
2- a Never bad website like a porn site, harvesting site, or spam site link should not be added to your blog. If you have to do any reason, then use it only through the Nofollow link.
3- Use the Nofollow link for the link to any affiliated website as the website is selling multiple types of products online. It may be that some of the information about some of the product is faked. For this reason, please use the Nofollow link for affiliated website anytime.
4- If you have a comment option on your website or blog, then give it a Nofollow link to everyone.
I would like you to give people the name of any spam website or bad website on your blog.

Where to use Dofollow Link Backlinks

1- Use of Dofollow link You can use the link to another blog on your blog as Dofollow.
2- You can use the Dofollow link when it has posted on other blog posts.
3- You can hyperlink a website which it is highly populated
4- If you want to rank your article in search engine with a specific keyword, then you use it.


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