Main features of computer

Main features of computer

The main features of computer 

Here are the following main features of the computer. (i) In the 32 or 64 parallel circuits, the information obtained with the help of a microprocessor can be worked together simultaneously.

(ii) These use magnetic bubble memories-MBM or Charge Coupled Devices-CCDs, which have high storage density, can be used to store large amounts of information in smaller places. .

(iii) Specific types of air conditioning are needed for them in the world.

(iv) Supercomputer only needs to be conformed to a number of instantly changing statistics.

Supercomputers are used in many areas. Supercomputer is  also used to predict the weather. With the help of super computer in the field of space research and the launch of satellites, computerized nuclear tests and missile tests, scientific research works, complex data is analyzed by a series of complex programs.

Quantum Computer:

In addition to the above mentioned types of computers, Quantum is in the final stage of computer development. It will be also able to solve complex problems in seconds by speeding and complex from supercomputers in seconds. Scientists say that this quantum computer can be advanced by the human brain.

It will be able to solve complex international mathematical problems, such as the final theorem of forgot, which takes 300 years to solve. Quantum computer will be able to solve Riemans Hypotheses, the most famous unsolved problem of mathematics, in some time. Quantum Computer also will use cryptic areas of physics like quantum mechanics to solve all kinds of complex problems.

In the quantum computer, Q-Bit will be used in place of Binary Bits, which is the implantation of zero and one.

However Classification based on the work method: According to the methodology, there are five types of computer. These are-

Digital Computers:

In everyday language when we pronounce computer term, it has a direct meaning – numerical computer. These computers do their work by changing all types of information into binary system. They count (adding) all kinds of calculations. They can work very well. But the feature is that their calculations are very pure. Any kind of operation can be done in this.


Analogue Computers:

Analog is a Greek, which means – Finding Conformity in Two Dimensions. In analog computer, any physical method or amount is customized in electrodes with the help of electronic circuits. Just as the digital computer works by counting the amount, so does the corresponding computer by measuring or measuring the computer. The accuracy of calculations made with the help of these computers is also not very pure, 99% accuracy can be achieved.

Hybrid Computers:

In this type of computer, the characteristics of both digital and analog computers are exploited. They are used extensively in automated equipment. Moreover, this type of device is a robot, with the help of which many tasks are being done automatically nowadays.

Optical Computers:

In the development of computers of the fifth generation, these types of computers are being created, in which the function of connecting one organ to another is done from the fiber of optical fibers and computed components were created on optical method.

Atomic computer:

At the University of Carnegie, research work on such nuclear computers is to turn a particular proton atom into an integrated circuit and give the computer more memory capacity so that such a computer can be 10,000 times the power of today’s computer Be it.

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