Google keywords planner tools

Google keywords planner tools

Today we will tell you to search the keyword from the Google Keywords planner tools. What is the Google keyword planner tool? Use the google keyword planner tool Google Keyword Planner is a free tool by which you can easily keyword research and rank your blog post.

The Google keyword planner is done in Google AdWords. By which you create ads for your blog or website and promote it through google. My suggestion is to sign a new email id before signing in to google adword and sign in with that new email id.
If you write great articles and still you are not getting traffic on your blog, then you must read this post. If you write a great article and it is not ranking in search engine then search
According to the engine, there is absolutely no shortage in your article. From which you can not rank it.

Actually, keywords are small ones that people search for in the search engine. And through those words, we reach a blog post or website. These words have a very important contribution to the on-page SEO. The blog post is ranked only by these keywords in the search engine.

This keyword planner tool tells us which particular word has been searched for the last year in the search engine. Or how often is search every month?
The keyword that most often searches are used in your blog post, the post reaches more people. From which blog comes the organic traffic.
Like last year black rose many people searched. So if I use this black rose word in my blog post, then it can be accessed by more people through post search engine.
This is an on-page SEO, by which organic traffic is brought.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

When you first sign in to AdWords, it will ask for some details from you. Which you can skip and move on.
First, open
Now log in to your Gmail id.
When the welcome to Google AdWords message is displayed, click on skip the guided setup.

Now a new page will open where the click on save and continue.
Now in this tool, you can open it by clicking on the keyword planner in the tool menu.

When it opens, you can open it by clicking on the search keyword or the search phrase for the search query before finding a new keyword and get search volume data.

Now enter your keyword in the box next to enter one or more of the following. Like you typed black rose now after clicking on the get idea button. As soon as the result shows, the keyword shows a monthly search, competition, and suggested bid.


Suppose that its monthly search is 10000, and the competition is medium, then this means that people are searching 10000 times by search engine every month and competition medium means how many people in this blog post Is using If competition was high, then this means that many people are using this keyword in their article or blog post and are ranking in the search engine. If the competition was low, then this means that very few people are using this keyword.

The search time in the keyword planner is something to keep in mind.

In the keyword google keyword planer, if the keyword is searched for its high competition, then it also shows a list of many other keywords related to that keyword below that keyword. From which you can choose a keyword of low competition.
If you write a blog post using the keyword low competition appearing in the google keyword planner, then the SERP (search engine result page) will rank soon.
Instead of a keyword of high competition, if you write a blog post using 4 or 5 keywords with low competition then your article will rank every search keyword in a search engine and will also get enough traffic.
google AdWords keyword planner tool feature

With this help, you can find the search volume of any keyword, how many times have been searched for the relative word from the search engine.
You can check the computation of a particular keyword that it is high, low, or medium.
With this, you can also find out how much money the advertiser is spending for a click on this particular keyword.
You can also know the keyword search volume, competition, bid rate for any one country.
If you type blog post in other than English.
How often is searching every month in bing, Yahoo, MSN except for any keyword google? It can also know.


I hope you have found this logo in my keyword google keyword planner tool SEO keyword search, you may have liked the logo. Now you must have understood well that what is the Google keyword planner tool? Use the google keyword planner tool And you guys may have learned to use it

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