Functions of Computer part-2

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Functions of Computer part-2

Softwares are the key functions of computer: Software goes to the software created for the operation of the computer. These are the following types:

  • Operating system: Programs created for the operation of computers and other devices engaged with the computer are called operating systems.
  • Language processor: The language processor of the program given to computer users is called.
  • Utility program (application program): It is called utility program by selecting programs that are created in the market and choosing it by inserting it into your menu.
  • Subroutine program: The program is called a novel program of small programs repeatedly used in the same program.
  • Run-time program: Software that is connected to the operating system of the computer and is used repeatedly in the same program or multiple programs, it is called routine program.

Computer Languages

The language of the computer can be divided into the following three sections-

Machine code language:

Each command has two parts in this language-the order code (location code) and the status code. These two are grouped together in the order of 0 and 1. In order to give order to the computer by programmers in the early days of the computer, different sequences of 0 and 1 were used. This language was time-unfriendly, due to which assembly and high level languages were developed.

Assembly language: A memorandum code was used in this language, which is called Mnenomic code. Like ADD for ADDITION, JMP was written for SUB and JUMP for SUBSTRACTION. But the use of this language was limited to computers with a certain structure, so these languages were called low level languages.
High level languages: IBM goes to the company for the development of high-level languages.

The development of the first high level language, called FTRAN, was done by the same company. After this hundreds of high level languages were developed. These languages are very close to the languages spoken and used in human speech. Some high level languages are:


This is a short form of English words formula translation. This language of computer was developed by IBM in J. W. Bacs in 1957 AD. This language was developed to solve mathematical formulas easily and in a short time. This language is widely used for scientific work.


is actually a short form of Common Business Oriented Language. This language was developed for business interests. A paragraph is a group of sentences written for the operation of this language. All the paragraphs make up a section and the division is formed by the sections.


These words in English are short form of Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. In this language, a certain part of the order contained in the program can be executed, whereas in earlier languages, the entire program was to be put into the computer and after the program was properly, further tasks were executed.


(iv) ALGOL:

This is the abbreviation of the English alphabetic language (Algorithmic Language). It was created for use in complex algebraic calculations.

(v) Pascal (PASCAL)

This is an enhanced form of algol. All variables are defined in it, due to which it is different from Algol and Basic. It is named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal.

(vi) Komal: This is a short form of Common Algorithmic Language. This language is used for secondary level students.

Computer viruses

Computer virus is a type of electronic code that is used to eliminate the information contained in the computer. It is misinterpreted in a computer program, from a telephone line. This code can get wrong information, the collected information may be lost and if a computer is connected to a network, then due to being connected electronically this virus can affect the entire network. The exchange of floppy is also afraid of the spread of the virus. These months can remain in the computer unrecognized for years and can damage it.

Electronic protection has been developed for their prevention. Some major computer viruses are Michelangelo, Dark Avenger, Kilo, Phillip, Mammam, Scores, Cascade, Jerusalem, Data Crime, Columbus Crime, Internet Virus, Patchcom, Patch EXE, Com-EXE, Marijuana, Melissa, Anna Kournikova, My Dome , Poison Ivy, C Brain, Bloody, Chase Mungu and Desi. Note: (i) Michelangelo was first seen on March 6, 1993. On the day it was found, it was the statue of Italy’s famous painter Michelangelo. So this virus was named Michael Angelo Virus.

(ii) The first computer virus found in India is Sea Brain which appeared in Madras (Chennai) in 1988.

(iii) One company in Bangalore has special expertise in anti-virus programs in India.

Computer networking

The use of Computer Networking is relatively new in the computer field but it is very useful in less time as it is more useful. This method is born with the combination of computer and telecommunication techniques.

Computer networking is a technique for connecting multiple computers. Computer networking is the collective use of all the capabilities of computers. Networking is done in two types – Local Area Networking (LAN) and Wide Area Networking (WAN). All computers placed in a single building by LAN are added, such as university campus, office etc. All computers placed in a large area by WAN are connected among themselves, just like all the offices in the city. A large computer network called INDONET is being established in India, which aims to connect the main cities of India through computers.


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