Functions of Computer part-1

Functions of Computer

Functions of Computer part-1

Generally, There are four types of Functions of Computer :

Collection and Input of Statistics,
Processing and processing
Output or Retrieval of Statistics or Received Information These statistics or information may be written, printed, audio, visual, drawn, or mechanical.

Computer units – Functions of Computer

The computer has four main units-

Input Unit,
Central Processing Unit-CPU,
External Memory Unit
Output unit
Data is entered by the input unit in the computer, data is processed and processed by the Central Processing Unit, in collaboration with the External Memory Unit, as required and finally released by the output unit in the form of data or information. Cpu is called the brain of the computer. Cpu is also called Micro Processor. The microprocessor was invented by Robert Noyce and Garden Moore in 1971 AD.

Computer parts

Generally, The computer has two parts – the basic part and the optional part

The original part

Computer Unit or Main Computer:

The system unit controls and applies all the functions of a personal computer. The key-board, monitor, mouse, printer and so on are installed in the closingpart of this unit. Hard Disc and Floppy Disc are also within this unit. It comes in two forms – Desk Top Type and Tower Type.

Monitor: A computer monitor is like television. The pictures that appear on the monitor screen are made up of small points called pixels.

Hard Disk and Floppy Disc Drive:

Disor disks are used in computers to store information. There are two types of disk-hard disk and floppy disks. The hard disk is a permanent disk of the computer, while the floppy disk is used when the data is transferred from one computer to another computer. A hard disk is also large in size and faster in speed than a floppy disk. In the front part of the computer, there is also an erection, in which the floppy disk is applied, which is called the floppy disk drive. Optional part


A mouse is a means by which the computer is controlled without using the keyboard.


A printer is a tool that prints any document on your computer. There are many types of printers – Dot Matrix Printer, Line Printer, Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer I Laser Printer are the best in computer printing techniques but their The price is also the highest. The laser printer is like a photocopier machine, except that instead of photographing on a written document like a photocopier machine, it uses laser beans in shape. They take out a better variety of printouts. At the same time, speed is also the highest, approximately 13,000 rows per minute.


A scanner is a device that can capture images or images directly into a photograph. It works like a photography machine. The only difference is that instead of copying on a paper it makes a photocopy in the computer.

Computer systems

A computer works by two methods- 1. Hardware and 2. Software.

Hardware: The computer and all the accessories and devices attached to it are called hardware. It includes Central Processing Unit, Internal Memory, External Memory, Investment and Production Unit etc. Two main parts of the hardware are computers and all the related devices such as Modem, Printer, Disk, Tclad, etc, which are known as Peripheral Devices.

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