Characteristics of Monitor

Characteristics of Monitor: –

In this article, you will learn about characteristics of monitor. There are some special features within the monitor of any kind on which the quality is tested on the basis of which also the main symptoms of the monitor are resolution refresh rate do not pitch interlacing non-interlacing bit mapping etc. depending on which quality is tested.

Resolution: –

Significant attributes of the monitor – Resolution This illustrates the clarity of the picture on the screen, in most display devices, the small screen of small screens (Dots) These small small dot pots of pixels are also called pixels. Here the word pixels is a short form of Picture Element. The more pixels on the screen, the resolution of the screen is equally a That will that image (Image) will be equally clear is composed of a display resolution (Resolution) to be 640 * 480, this means that the screen column of 640 dots (Column) and rows of 480 dots (Row)

Refresh Rate:

The monitor continues to work. The image keeps on removing the left and right from top to bottom on the computer screen. Which is arranged with electron guns. We can only experience this when the screen is clicked or when the refresh rate is low. The refresh rate in the monitor is measured in Hartz.

Dot Pitch:

A type of pitch is a technical measurement. Which displays it. What is the horizontal difference or distance between the two pixels. It is measured in millimeters. This reflects the quality of the monitor. Datapitch should be low in monitor. This is also called phosphor pitch. The color pointer of color monitor ranges from 0.15 MM to 30mm.

Interlacing or non Interlacing:

This is such a display technical. Which increases the quality of the resolution in the monitor. The electron gun used to draw only half line in the intrusion monitor because the introderator monitor only refreshes only half the line at a time. This monitor can display more than two lines in each refreshed bicycle. It was only lack of it that it was slow to slow down. The resolution of both types of monitor is good. But the nan intrusion monitor is much better.

Bit Mapping:

Only the monitors used were able to display the tax only and their number of pixels was limited. Where Tex was manufactured. The technology used to enhance graphics in which texts and pix can each be displayed, it is called bit mapping. In this technology bit map graphics is controlled by every pixel apparatus. However, This allows the operator to make any shape on the screen.

Video Standard or Display Modes

It refers to the technique used in the monitor. Video technology of personal computer is improving day by day. Following are the few examples of video standard in the standards that are familiar.

Color Graphics Adapter
Enhanced Graphics Adapter
Video Graphics Array
Extended Graphics Array
Super Video Graphics Array

So this was our complete info regarding characteristics of monitor. because we have project quality work here and that is what we are doing. more articles will keep coming regarding this. Ans we will keep delivering quality work.


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