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What is Bitcoin?   Bitcoin is another trade that was made out 2009 by a dark individual using the false name Satoshi Nakamoto. Trades are […]

Big Data Innovation

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  Big Data Innovation :- a complete analysis¬†   Big data is a data set that is so large or complex that traditional data processing […]

Functions of Computer part-2

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Functions of Computer part-2   Software: Software goes to the software created for the operation of the computer. These are the following types: Operating system: […]

Functions of Computer part-1

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  Functions of Computer part-1   There are four types of¬†Functions of Computer : Collection and Input of Statistics, Storage, Processing and processing Output or […]

Main features of computer

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The main features of supercomputers   (i) In the 32 or 64 parallel circuits, the information obtained with the help of a micro processor can […]


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  computer   The term computer comes from the English language computer, which means calculation. Although initially the use of computers was used especially for […]

Monitor refresh rate

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  Monitor refresh rate   Monitor is an output device. This is also called a visual display unit. This is like watching TV. Monitor is […]